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On Line Support has been serving the Vancouver area since 1998, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

9 Cyber Hygiene Practices You Must Insist Your Employees Follow

o TEETH BRUSHING facebook   Just like oral hygiene is important to protect your teeth, good Cyber Hygiene practices are important to protect your business against cyber attacks and loss of data. Make sure everyone in your business follows these practices that will help you make significant strides in protecting your business. Keep a clean machine: Your company should have clear rules for what employees can install and keep on their work computers. Make sure they understand and abide by these rules. Unknown outside programs can open security vulnerabilities in your network. If they have any responsibility for making sure the devices use have updated software train them to implement those updates as quickly...
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On Line Support Wins Best in Business for Second Consecutive Year

2016 best in business logo purple For the second consecutive year, On Line Support, Inc. has been recognized as winner of the Vancouver Business Journal's Best in Business award in the IT Service Provider category.   The Best in Business Awards are presented annually by the Vancouver Business Journal to recognize Vancouver, Washington businesses who set the standard for quality and service. The local business community is invited to vote for the businesses in a multitude of categories that have earned their trust. Businesses receiving the most votes in their category are recognized as Best in Business. Thank you to our many customers and the communities we serve for bestowing this honor on On Line Support!
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Secure Media Erase Keeps Your Data Out of the Wrong Hands

hard drive erase Your data, in the wrong hands can have extremely negative consquences, so when it comes time to dispose of hard drives and tapes containing your data, proper removal is vital.  Simply deleting the files is not enough. Deleting a file removes the references to the locations to the data from the file system, but the data remains on the disk, which can easily be recovered in whole or in part by others looking to capture your data. So what about using the common “Smash and Destroy” method of destroying data before recycling it? Smashing the media certainly makes it more difficult to retrieve the data, but highly skilled technicians can...
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4 Signs You Might Be Dealing with a Hack

b2ap3_thumbnail_you_have_been_hacked_400.jpgA digital virus infection can hit when you least expect it, and sometimes it’s too late to prevent it from getting into your system. Just like dealing with a biological virus, it’s important to minimize the damage that’s done before it has a chance to spread to other parts of your network. Thankfully, there are symptoms you can look for when you need to know whether or not your PC is infected. Here are four signs your computer is most-likely hacked.

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IT Should Be Done Right the First Time

b2ap3_thumbnail_correct_implimentation_400.jpgAny business owner knows that a project should be done right the first time to save future expenses. However, professionals also understand that the cheapest route to a fix is probably not the best one. Eventually, the problem will have to be fixed again, which ultimately costs your business more than it should have. Therefore, the most efficient way to resolve an IT problem is to get it right the first time.

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