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Secure Media Erase Keeps Your Data Out of the Wrong Hands

hard drive erase

Your data, in the wrong hands can have extremely negative consquences, so when it comes time to dispose of hard drives and tapes containing your data, proper removal is vital.  Simply deleting the files is not enough. Deleting a file removes the references to the locations to the data from the file system, but the data remains on the disk, which can easily be recovered in whole or in part by others looking to capture your data.

So what about using the common “Smash and Destroy” method of destroying data before recycling it? Smashing the media certainly makes it more difficult to retrieve the data, but highly skilled technicians can still retrieve parts data stored on the media. How is this possible? Because hard drives or tapes store data using magnetics, when smashed or shredded even small pieces of the device retains its magnetic properties, and therefore data can still be read.

Degaussing – the only way to permanently remove data from media

Since hard drives and tapes use magnetic fields to store data, the only way to permanently remove the data is to eliminate the magnetic field through a process called degaussing. A degausser applies a powerful magnetic force to the media that absolutely removes all data and renders the media unusable.

On Line Support’s degaussing service meets the media clearing and sanitation standards set by the U.S Department of Defense as the only method fully approved to permanently remove sensitive information.

Our degaussing service includes:

                      Permanent erasure of all data from your media.

                      Disposal of your degaussed media

                      Media destruction report and Certificate of Media Degaussing for your compliance and audit records

Managed Services Clients receive degaussing service at no cost. Non-Managed Services clients can receive the same peace of mind for $20 per hard drive or tape degaussed.

To learn more about our secure degaussing service or Managed IT services, call 360.993.0600.


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